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hi everyone! :o)

hello! i'm sandi, i'm 16, and i heart monk! i love ted levine! and tony, and bitty, and jason. (jason is so hot and cute) i love the show, but am pissed off that sharona won't be on there anymore. what is that about?????? geez, that's so stupid to take her character off the show. what were the producers thinking???? oy.....i'll miss her fondly. anywho, just wanted to say hi, i'm new, so yeah. ciao for now!

oh, yeah, one more thing:

lobby, lobby, lobby, lobby...............lobby lobby. haha. :o)

aka Sandi :o)
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why did she leave the show?
I read.. on the internet.. and need to find it that Sharona left because she wanted more money. has a bit towards the bottom about contract negotiations.. but still isn't the article I orginally saw..